It's Pronounced "Ground Rules"

by Ground Rules

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Recorded at Under the Couch, September to November 2013.
Mixed and mastered by Greg "The Hendler" Hendler.
Cover art drawn by Tyler Smith.
All songs written by Ground Rules.
© Zeep Corp.


released February 9, 2014

Archie - bass, piano, lead vocals
Greg - drums, percussion, organ, backing vocals
Trevor - guitar, backing vocals



all rights reserved


Ground Rules Atlanta, Georgia

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Track Name: Crash and Burn
It's four in the morning and my ears are ringing
I don't know if I could call that singing
Where the rhythm is the bible and the dance divine
I got blood on my shirt, I just hope it ain't mine
Ed is on the medicine, Jimmy's in the chimney,
Lenny's in the pen - oh, you've got to be kidding me

Crash and burn, I don't think we'll ever learn

Twenty years later and I've found my place
I just run that rock and roll race
Like Moon the Loon or Mama Cass
Too old to stop, too young to last
Doyle's getting oiled, Janet's off the planet,
I'm looking for trouble, so you had better can it

Crash and burn, I don't think we'll ever learn

Hey man, I was once like you - a mop-top model in blue suede shoes
Hey, check out, man, or they'll fill your head - do everything now, you can breathe when you're dead
Take in all the action, don't sleep for days, wind yourself down in a great purple haze
Set yourself on fire and strum old Nero's fiddle, aw, kill yourself, man, you know, live a little

Crash and burn
Track Name: Mister Pitiful
There was a time and place
for you to slap my face;
tell me how to feel;
reinvent the wheel.

Do you ever sleep,
counterculture creep?
Boozing 'til the dawn,
passed out on the lawn.

He is dumb and dull -
Mister Pitiful.
Howl at the wall,
mesmerize us all.

There was a time and place
for you to slap my face;
tell me how to feel;
reinvent the wheel.

Now it feels so trite
to feed the mouth that bites.
But when my song is through,
what is left of you?
Mister Pitiful.
Track Name: Streetlight Still Life
Still life scene, parked by the curb;
streetlight gleam, do not disturb
the delicate dance of rhythmic romance -
grinding on the glove compartment, aching to advance
as the air turns cold, thunder rolls;
hair on end, a single bell tolls.
Bodies half bare, I mumble a prayer.
She flashes me a smile, whispers, "Now take me upstairs."

Bell tolls three, bell tolls four -
who could be locking my door?
Dark drapes drawn, dead by dawn,
blood bespattered banister, buried neath the lawn.

Table for two, pooling the rain;
storefront fool dreaming of Marseilles.
The smokestacks cough, the birdies fall off,
tarnishing the tarmacadam - lying in the loft,
lovers lilt and sigh, not quite dry;
candlelit floor, shadows crawl by;
hardwood dreams, sirens scream
seven stories separate swathed in manhole steam.
Track Name: Doctor P and The J-Man
Don't close your eyes, you might fall asleep
and never return from the realm of dreams.
The fantasies of men are as the plans of mice -
they'll collapse all around you on a roll of the dice.

When they find you in the rubble and you're missing your spark,
they'll haul you out into the sun where everything's dark.
So don't close your eyes, just look at me -
Everything's as everything is meant to be.
Track Name: The Follower
Well I remember when my world was smaller and the future looked so big.
The grass was greener - weren't we all?
Back where I came from, when summer would come, the sounds were wholesome - the house fan sings.
The window is open down the hall.

We yearn for something fresh and new, a flame to which we're drawn;
to see the hero I could be, I tried to follow John.
So I don't believe in much, so I'll leave without a trace,
so I'll go to California, three long years to replace.

I met desire - oh, I could not defy her; no shoes required, bathing in the sun,
the music floating out to sea.
And I have never been so high as soaring home from that ride, burning on the inside like a dog on the run.
Love was wild, love was free.

Now I've burnt my tongue on mother's soup and words for lovers' ears.
I've tried my hands on the thicker threads of loosely-woven fears.
It's time to take the time I've done and put it in its place,
so I'm off to California with a smile on my face.